Windows of Huguenot

The Windows of Huguenot…..and the Stories Told.

At Huguenot we are blessed to have over 100 individual stained glass windows of rare quality and value in our Sanctuary and Chapel. On any given day the quality of light that is provided by these illuminates our spaces for worship, reflection and celebration. These windows were given to the church over many years, in memory of past members of our congregation.  As you will see there are dates beginning in the 1850’s and proceed through the 1960’s. While the construction of the sanctuary began in 1917, it appears that the majority of the windows were installed between 1945 and 1953. The complete stained glass window program culminated with the installation of 27 “English glass” windows in the Sopher Memorial Chapel in July of 1966.

Nearly all of the windows present a biblical story, a parable or a psalm, and all have been rendered with beautiful color and artistry. Within these panes, you will see an extraordinary variety of images from biblical characters to a children’s choir to an exterior rendering of the Huguenot Church and even to a pink flamingo! While there is not 100% complete documentation of who designed and built every window, most of the Sanctuary windows, including the Heylman – White window, were designed and built by Henry Lee Willet of the Willet Studios. Several other windows including the Phelps window were designed and built to Clement Heaton, and 2 other windows are believed to be by Sharpe Bros. All of the windows in the Chapel are by Willet Studios.

Click the link below and your tour will start with the magnificent Phelps Window located in the Chancel on the south elevation of the Sanctuary. Designed by Clement Heaton, this window was restored in 2002 and has recently been lit from the exterior to provide even greater beauty during our services when needed. From here you will move along the east aisle past 6 pairs of lancet windows that lead you to the north elevation where you will find the Heylman – White Window. Located above the Narthex, which originally served as the front door to the church, this window presents the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord. This window was dedicated in April of 1946 and has been restored twice – in 1965 and again in 2002.  The lighting of this window has recently been redone and the beautiful colors and design can now be seen glowing each evening from outside of the church by passersby along Boston Post Road. Finally moving back along the West aisle you will see another 6 pairs of lancet windows, and then finally to the Chancel to the Redding window above the organist’s keyboard.

We are very thankful for the photographs which were taken by Robert Fertitta and donated to the church for our use. We are also grateful to Dr. Elliot Strong who was able to produce so much of the information that has been included herein and to William Cheung whose graphic skill were essential in the production of these pages. Please note that the stories and histories of these windows have been gathered by the Building and Grounds committee from a variety of church sources it is by no means 100% complete. We are sure that there are additional insights to be discovered and it is our hope that upon review of this material that additional information and memories will be provided by our members. As there is also a plan to publish a full book on the Windows of Huguenot later this year, please contact Eric Smith with any comments or information regarding these windows.

Published 2009 by the Buildings and Grounds Committee Eric Smith, Chair

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