Sustainable Huguenot is the effort of Huguenot Memorial Church to create an enduring financially and environmentally responsible church for generations to come.

For more than a century, HMC has demonstrated a standing commitment to carrying out faithfully the church’s mission through critical decisions. Today, we benefit from the courageous risks and visionary decisions made by the generations who came before us.

As a landmark of leadership in our community, we are compelled to continue this legacy by creating a sustainable church model: to wisely manage finances, to be responsible stewards of the earth’s natural resources and to strengthen and empower lasting worship in order to establish stronger partnerships through service to our community.

This innovative initiative includes the following approved capital projects:

  • Removal of oil-based heating system and boilers
  • Installation of geothermal-based heating and cooling system on HMC campus
  • Improved insulation and lighting to maximize efficiency
  • Replacement of existing sanctuary organ with refurbished, historic organ

By creating sustainable energy, the use of our physical environment as well as the impact of our Church ministry will be dramatically improved. The financial burden from rising oil prices will be alleviated which will enable a reallocation of the stewardship budget to better support local and international mission programs and community service efforts.

With these changes, we aim to provide a suitable environment for current programming, a platform for future growth and increased service of the local and global community.

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