Celebrating Our Building

At Huguenot we are truly blessed. We have been given such a magnificent building and beautiful grounds to share, and enjoy. Our Church is a beacon, not only to our congregation but also to our community.

What is now nearly a 35,000 square foot facility began in 1876 as The Little Red Church. In 1917 the sanctuary construction began, followed in 1931 by the school, administration and gymnasium buildings. In 1965 the driveway that separated the church from the other buildings was abandoned and the Library and Hall were built to connect them and create the current configuration.

Today, our Sanctuary and Chapel provide wonderful spaces for worship and reflection year round including air-conditioning for summer services. We have over 100 stained glass windows of rare quality and value – including an original Tiffany. Our music program is enriched by an extraordinary organ and recently renovated sound system. We have upgraded the lighting for the sanctuary and have installed exterior lighting to highlight the beautiful stained glass and stonework that now brighten what has long been just a dark corner in the nightscape of Pelham.

A further celebration of our facility is that it is always in use. This building not only houses our congregation for worship and a Sunday school for our children, but is also home to the Huguenot Nursery School – a 5 day a week preschool that serves 180 young children from the Pelhams, and surrounding communities including the Bronx. We house a gymnastics program that brings families here 6 days a week. Our library has hosted numerous lectures and presentations, in addition to providing space on Monday and Tuesday evenings for the Middle and High School youth groups to meet. Our gym has one of the few theater stages in the town – as was on display at this year’s Cabaret! Our facilities have provided space for weddings, funerals, memorials, recitals and concerts.

Our offices and meeting rooms also serve many local organizations. We provide space for several 12-step programs, Spotlight Gymnastics, Pelham Together, The Patrina Foundation, La Leche and Confident Kids Club. There is a yoga group that meets here on Saturday mornings and a youth basketball program on Sunday afternoons. Our parking lot has been used for Youth Mission Trip car washes, child safety programs and the Nursery school fundraisers. We are also the staging point of the Midnight Run several times a year.

If you are interested in celebrating our Building and beautifying our Grounds and would join our committee, please contact any one of us. We meet the first Monday evening of the month and welcome your input, ideas, and involvement.