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What is a Birthday-in-a-Bag?

A Birthday-in-a-Bag is a self-contained gift bag with everything you need to have a Happy Birthday party.


Who Needs a Birthday-in-a-Bag?

Every person needs some recognition of their birthday, but sometimes circumstances prevent this from happening. A Birthday-in-a-Bag can make a birthday more special. Each Birthday-in-a-Bag will be delivered to a family in need through County Harvest.


What goes into a Birthday-in-a-Bag?

Cake mix                 Candles

Frosting                 Birthday themed plates

Cake decorations     Birthday themed napkins

And a Birthday Gift Bag!

Wednesday, November 6th

5:30-7pm in the Schram Library

$20per family for dinner


For more information please contact

Julie Fair at casadefair@hotmail.com